After School Snack


IMG_1852 IMG_1786


i love these little hands.
all six of them trying to get in.

blondes talks with hers telling us all about her day.
mae licks the peanut butter off hers. one after the other.
roo uses hers as utensils.

everyday we look forward to when blondes gets home from school and we are whole again.
all together.
just as it should be.

oh, and looks who's 11 weeks:



Mandy said...

That little face is just too adorable!

Courtney said...

Oh goodness, Rosie is the cutest thing alive!

nicwoo said...

My two have snack attacks like this. Out of the jar. While I'm slightly napping. Which makes it the best idea ever. And they are feeling all the more accomplished!

Alisha said...

after school is the best time! and that face...too much

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