To Motivate


Tomorrow MaeMae is supposed to wear "hog attire" to preschool and naturally, I totally forgot about it until 9pm tonight. Just in case you didn't know - it's practically a sin to live in NW Arkansas and not have hog attire. I could not let her show up to school without the traditional maroon, black, and white, especially since she is so unmotivated to go to there these days anyways (she is a Momma's girl and would so much rather stay home, play with Roo, and snuggle Rosie than go to school). Luckily, there was some iron on transfer paper stuffed in the desk and I was able to whip her up a little something.

Speaking of new attire I got myself some new scrubs the other day thinking that it might motivate me about going back to work tomorrow. You see, I don't want to leave the comforts of my home either. It didn't really work. I am completely unmotivated. I hate the thought of leaving my little Rose Bud and I've actually been agonizing over it for weeks.

Regardless of how we both feel (Mae and I) I'm hoping that we can smile, stand up straight (see yesterday's post), and fake it. She will color and play and learn. I will assess surgical sites, pass meds, and call doctors.

In the end we will both come home to be in our favorite place with our favorite people. Plus we can have some sweet new clothes to show for it.


Rach said...

She just radiates sweetness!

Good luck to all of you, going back to work. So tough.

For sure play next week, and you can fill me in on how it went!

the crew said...

she is so dear! and those eyes are just so beautiful:)

going back to work would be so tough- i think though, that it could make your time with your family all the sweeter- good luck! thinking of you.

Alisha said...

working does make time at home so much sweeter. thinking about you all weekend.

Leslie said...

I tried to cut Sydney's bangs like that once because she chopped the front part of her hair. It didn't work. Ha. She is so beautiful. All of your girls are. :)

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