Starting New


Oh 2011 was tough! Probably one of my most challenging years. I'm so glad to have it behind us! Sure, I got a super cute baby out of it and we moved to a pretty cool new state, but all in all, I kinda struggled through it working full time, being pregnant, and mothering three littles.

I'm so excited that it's a new year! I'm not pregnant (hallelujah!), we have great new friends, I'm only working part-time (another hallelujah!), and I really do have a super cute new baby.

Rosie. 7 weeks.

Do you make goals? resolutions? plans?

I have a few in mind.

#1 Smile more
#2 Improve my posture
#3 Read 10 novels
#4 Enjoy running
#5 Be able to do 50 pushups
#6 Nurse Rosie until she is at least 10mos.


Briana said...

Glad to hear you made it through with some positive plans for the future! You DO have a very cute new one!

Meg said...

2011 was a suckfest here. here's to a great 2012!!! I'll run with you anytime! Join us tuesday nights @ 7:30 if you're ever up for a night run!

Rachelle said...

we totally have had years that i wish to never go back to. its not always easy!

the new year is exciting. hope yours is a good one! yay for goals!

Jord said...

Great write up about a tough year. You made it!!! You (and E) make a great team and I think you are awesome for pulling through. Now sit back, relax, and reward yourself with some not prego new clothes!

Alisha said...

i like jordans idea. part time is so much better than full and to have a baby to show for last year is quite an accomplishment.

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