Rose Bud

oldest and youngest.

Our dear little Rosie.

She can now lay quietly on the floor without screaming her head off.

She kicks, wiggles her little arms around, and gives us the cutest little coos. It's magical. The stress in the house has decreased 10 fold.

We put her in the crib so she (and we) sleep so much better at night. I'm thinking someone out there slipped her some kind of miracle baby drug.

One thing for sure is that she has the most incredible hair. Ever.
It makes me think of my brother:

Lewis Boat - 1996


tt moreno said...

can i have some of that miracle baby drug?? :/

Candy said...

oh that hair is just too good to believe! I LOVE it! she is so so cute! (all your girls are!)
here's to more happy baby time!

Alisha said...

love that first pic!!

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