Potty Talk

Today Roo was in the kitchen and I was sitting here at the computer.

She says to me, "Mom, I go peepee."

I say to her, "Did you go in your diaper or do you need to go on the potty?"

She says, "Go on potty."

So, I rush her in there.

I brought out the potty last October. There it has sat in the bathroom as more of a toy for her to play with then anything. She has mostly just sat on it before jumping in the tub and at other random times when her diaper is off for a changing, but really I have not pushed the potty at all.

I accidentally got out the potty books when I refreshed the stock of children's books in the girls' room a few months ago and for the past few weeks Roo has been enamored by them. Today she just decided to do it. It was nothing short of magical. It clicked. Dang. She wore panties almost all day, let me know when she needed to go, went #2, and even stayed dry with a diaper on while running errands with me.

Un. Freaking. Real.

**I used to HATE potty training. It was so stressful and agonizing, but this is perfect. My advice? Don't rush it. They will get it. It will click and they will use the potty when they are ready. And hopefully there will be a lot less tears and a lot less stress by letting it just be.
Now that I said that it will probably all backfire on me tomorrow...

oh, and check this baby out!

Rosie. 10 weeks.

cutest thing ever.


nettie said...

That hair is something else.

Potty training brings out the worst in me as a mother.

Sarah Peterson said...

Wow. That is great! Claire is 3 now and still can't "get it". I haven't pushed it on her, just let her practice here and there and made sure she knows there are rewards for if she gets it in the potty...but as much as she wants to do it, she doesnt get it :( maybe baby emma will be easier!? Sadly im gonna have to make her do it... She is just getting too big!!

Brenna said...

Oh my word that video is the cutest thing ever. Her little voice...so cute! And of course, the inside out trainers. funny. :)

TheKeilShpeel said...

That's funny.. I"m about to do a potty Post and it's going to sound nothing like this one :).

Jord said...

Awesome on Gigi! That is the way to get it done. I love that sweet Rosie. She is adorable in every way.

Alisha said...


nicwoo said...

I love posts like this. Makes the internet a better place.
Good job on keeping the books in rotation.

Shaunna Akers said...

Your videos are amazing! Is it very difficult to make them? You make me want to be a better Mom & preserve their little memories better! :)

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