Listening Ears


As the girls get older, Easy and I are realizing that their little ears are actually quite big ears.

They hear everything. At times Blondes will cup her hand around her ear and say to us, "I can hear you!" Adding her sly little smile.

Yesterday Easy was dropping Mae off at preschool. The dj on the radio mentioned a possibility of snow for last night. Minutes later Mae pipes up, "Dad, I'm going to ask Mom tomorrow if I can dress super warm and play outside."

Sure enough, the first thing she did this morning was see the snow outside and ask for my help to bundle her little body up.


She lasted about 30 minutes in the howling wind gathering snow off the slide and placing it all in a pile around the corner of playhouse.

I lasted 12 seconds taking pictures.


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Alisha said...

love the header btw.

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