a good man.

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i have a good man.

so a few weeks ago Easy messages me asking if we want to go to Blue Man Group. of course we do! his work was sponsoring the event so we were able to score a couple of tickets.

we got a babysitter and then - well, then there was Rosie.

we didn't feel good about taking her (a little loud) and we also didn't feel good about leaving her with anyone (she can be quite fussy in the evenings).

we thought about keeping the babysitter and gifting the tickets to someone else then just a few hours before the show E gets this great idea, "why don't you just take Ava?"

so that is what we did. Blondes and I got all dolled up and went to a show. we ran down Dixon St in our fancy black shoes - holding hands and freezing all the way. then we laughed, hooted and hollered, and finally shook our booties to Blue Man Group.

it was awesome!

i am so grateful for my good man who always puts me and our girls first.

he is brilliant.


the crew said...

Oh so fun!! a night out with your girl- that sounds so great:)

Jord said...

That E is one great guy who knows how to treat his girls right. I love your shoe picture and am sure she loved every minute of going out with you.

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