Days Like This

I love days like this.

I love sitting on the couch with Rosie and nursing her. I love seeing her thighs and cheeks fill out and I love that she saves her best smiles of the day for me.

9 weeks.

I love watching the girls create little worlds of their own out of Legos, blocks, Play-Doh, and cardboard boxes. I love hearing their words to each other in their pretend play dialogue. It's all, "Oh, yes dear!" "That is so wonderful darling!" "Sweetie, can I please have that?"

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I really do love that I have 4 amazing little spirits that I get to know. I love that they are best friends. I love how smart and creative they are - they are always surprising me with their inquisitions and explanations on every little thing.

I love that Roo insists on wearing her pink tutu at all times. Even over her jammies. And especially with nothing else.

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I love that I get to be their mom - that I am the one they want to kiss them at night and the one they come to when their feelings are hurt.

Yep. Hands down. This job rocks.


Anonymous said...

Do you ever feel a little guilty sending E off to work knowing he's going to miss all this and knowing he'd really love to be there? I love being a mom but sometimes I feel bad for my husband because he has to work.

Brenna said...

So sweet, and I so share these feelings with my own. Seeing that photo of your little Rosie is going to send me over the edge! She is darling. Pulls at my baby itch heartstrings. ;)

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