a confession

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so, i have a little confession to make.

you know this place that i live in - the northwest corner of arkansas.


i'm starting to really like it here. almost love it.

the air is clear here. the people are pleasant. it is safe. we have made great friends and i'm feeling so content.

people have actually come here to visit us! and more are on the way!

don't get me wrong. i miss the desert. i miss the towering mountains, the beautiful valleys, and the amazing sunsets.

mostly we miss our friends and family. the three-day weekends and holidays aren't the same.

but really, this place is turning out to be more than okay.

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Meg said...

I like that you like it here. And it's january! Just wait until spring :) We've been here 6 years, but it knocks me off my feet with it's flowery green beauty every year.

eryka said...

I'm so glad you guys like it. It's tough moving to a new place. We're loving Brazil too! Can you believe we did our girl's trip almost a year ago? Glad you like Arkie but miss you and your cute family!

Courtney said...


Alisha said...

good news.

nicwoo said...

Safe and Clean. Sounds like a good place to me :). Keep thriving!

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