Staying In

Today I was very brave.

After picking up Blondes from school I ventured to Target with all four chickies in tow.

I prepped the older girls and reminded them about staying near me and being helpers. I reminded them that we were only going to exchange an item and get small gifts for their teachers. I knew that we wouldn't be able to handle much more than that.

It ended up being fine - other than Roo absolutly refusing to let me put Rosie's car seat in "her spot." We made it out in 30min with gifts, very little whining, a baby still fast asleep, and no tears.

A Christmas Miracle!

I'm really fine with chilling at home these days though. Christmas music, cinnamon candles, advent pockets to open, stockings hung, treats and fresh oranges on the counter, nativities around, packages arriving at the door, and a twinkling tree make home a magical place these days:


IMG_0813 IMG_0819


IMG_0047 IMG_0817

Plus being home means we get to do things like make wish lists.

IMG_0782 IMG_0793 IMG_0806

ps. Christmas cards will be out this week. Yay! They turned out so good considering we did the pictures ourselves self-timer style. I miss you April and Mandy!!!


Courtney said...

You take the BEST pictures.

tt moreno said...

wow. i try not to go to the store with my 3, i cant imagine 4!
i love the ornaments in the vase.

Alisha said...

that is very brave! all 4 in tow.
say hello to your parents for me on christmas. i loved!!! your card and the envelope.

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