Look Who's Coming!

Grandma Roxy and Mae, Aug 2011

Two things that my mom absolutly loves = grand-kids and Christmas

I'm feeling a tad bit spoiled this year because her and my dad are coming to Arkansas to spend Christmas with our little family.

We are soooo excited to have them and are planning all the fun things we want to do:

Ice skating
Seeing the lights
Getting our BBQ on Arkie style
Checking out Monte Ne and visiting the lake
Eating goodies
Crystal Bridges
Heading up to MO
Loading my freezer with meals for when I go back to work (boo!)
and lots of little girl/baby snuggling

Thursday can't some soon enough!!!


Meg said...

if you make it up to bella vista, there is a little light display at Concordia (off w lancashire/ chelsea on the way to tanyard creek) that has the lights timed to christmas songs on the radio. It's obnoxious, but my kids really love it.

Courtney said...

yay! Have so much fun!

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