We are all getting pretty adjusted to having a family of 6. Roo as expected, has probably endured the most change. She has had to grow up a little and be a big girl. Poor thing.

I have been putting her on the potty more and more and she has had to walk places instead of being packed around on my hip. I think she is doing fine other than having picked up some bad habits: pinching, pulling hair, swatting, and hitting. Just to name a few.

There are times when I feel like I can't take it. They all need something. Rosie needs nursing or changing, Roo is coloring on the walls, Mae wants "mommy time," and Blondes wants me to read with her. This is when the breathing and relaxation techniques practiced for labor really start to come in handy as I pray for Easy to come through the front door and rescue me. He often tells me how cute they are that it "makes him sick." Some days I agree. Some days I look at him saying that and it makes me sick because I've broke up too many fights, forced down too much food, wiped too many butts, and cleaned up too many messes up.

I know what you are thinking. In a few years I will miss it.

I know I will. I will miss this chaos.

The little hands and bodies climbing all over me. The tender moments of cuddling before bed and the times laughing, playing, creating, celebrating, holding.

I just don't miss it yet.


Scooby and Jon said...


allison said...

i only have two little girls and i totally feel like this - often!

i have a lot of days where i feel like i am counting the minutes until garrett is home and i can do one little thing alone - even just something stupid like go pee without an audience. LOL

and i know what you mean about hearing him say how cute they are "makes him sick". i TOTALLY get all of it.

you aren't alone - thank you for reminding me that neither am i.

Jord said...

How can you miss it when you are living in it! Well said as usual Hayley.

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