4 weeks.



Carly said...

Oooh you're new camera is doing goooooood. ;)

She is so cute!!! It's a good thing I only have a short time left. She is making me newborn hungry!

Carly said...

*your. Not you're.

Candy said...

I want to steal her.

But in a nice friendly-let-me-get-my-newborn-snuggles kind of way. :)

Christina- floresdelsol said...

like like like!!!

Meg said...

Don't you see how she is asking for me to come hold her? As soon as you're ready to go on a date, just drop those little ladies off, my dear.

Are you so freaking excited about your parents coming for Christmas?!

Alisha said...

that top pic is the best ever! love her face.

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