5 weeks.


Our Rose Bud is 5 weeks.

She has expressive eyebrows and perfect lips.


Look Who's Coming!

Grandma Roxy and Mae, Aug 2011

Two things that my mom absolutly loves = grand-kids and Christmas

I'm feeling a tad bit spoiled this year because her and my dad are coming to Arkansas to spend Christmas with our little family.

We are soooo excited to have them and are planning all the fun things we want to do:

Ice skating
Seeing the lights
Getting our BBQ on Arkie style
Checking out Monte Ne and visiting the lake
Eating goodies
Crystal Bridges
Heading up to MO
Loading my freezer with meals for when I go back to work (boo!)
and lots of little girl/baby snuggling

Thursday can't some soon enough!!!


Staying In

Today I was very brave.

After picking up Blondes from school I ventured to Target with all four chickies in tow.

I prepped the older girls and reminded them about staying near me and being helpers. I reminded them that we were only going to exchange an item and get small gifts for their teachers. I knew that we wouldn't be able to handle much more than that.

It ended up being fine - other than Roo absolutly refusing to let me put Rosie's car seat in "her spot." We made it out in 30min with gifts, very little whining, a baby still fast asleep, and no tears.

A Christmas Miracle!

I'm really fine with chilling at home these days though. Christmas music, cinnamon candles, advent pockets to open, stockings hung, treats and fresh oranges on the counter, nativities around, packages arriving at the door, and a twinkling tree make home a magical place these days:


IMG_0813 IMG_0819


IMG_0047 IMG_0817

Plus being home means we get to do things like make wish lists.

IMG_0782 IMG_0793 IMG_0806

ps. Christmas cards will be out this week. Yay! They turned out so good considering we did the pictures ourselves self-timer style. I miss you April and Mandy!!!





We tried to take some family pictures this morning.


Just keepin it real, folks.



IMG_0375 IMG_0368

Yesterday, amongst the previously mentioned chaos we made Caramel Popcorn. It is not healthy at all, but is yummy and absolutly addicting. Roo and I have almost consumed the leftovers, which is really going to upset the older girls when they are home from school.


I have been spit up on twice and pooped on once. Awesome, huh? I've also been getting to know my new friend: Canon 60D. So far I love him.

Picture 3

And we are listening to A LOT of Christmas music. This song by Leona Naess was particularly charming when it popped on today.

Diapers to change. Hays out.




We are all getting pretty adjusted to having a family of 6. Roo as expected, has probably endured the most change. She has had to grow up a little and be a big girl. Poor thing.

I have been putting her on the potty more and more and she has had to walk places instead of being packed around on my hip. I think she is doing fine other than having picked up some bad habits: pinching, pulling hair, swatting, and hitting. Just to name a few.

There are times when I feel like I can't take it. They all need something. Rosie needs nursing or changing, Roo is coloring on the walls, Mae wants "mommy time," and Blondes wants me to read with her. This is when the breathing and relaxation techniques practiced for labor really start to come in handy as I pray for Easy to come through the front door and rescue me. He often tells me how cute they are that it "makes him sick." Some days I agree. Some days I look at him saying that and it makes me sick because I've broke up too many fights, forced down too much food, wiped too many butts, and cleaned up too many messes up.

I know what you are thinking. In a few years I will miss it.

I know I will. I will miss this chaos.

The little hands and bodies climbing all over me. The tender moments of cuddling before bed and the times laughing, playing, creating, celebrating, holding.

I just don't miss it yet.



Winter Gifts


This morning we woke up a little late and a little sleepy. Little did we know that there was a surprise waiting for us outside.


What was it?


Snow! Just a little taste. Not really enough to make angels in and definitely not enough to build a snowman or a fort. Maybe you could pack a snowball?

It is beautiful though!

Along with this other winter gift:



My Heart

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loves to snuggle with Mom all night long
still has her umbilical cord attached (i swear it's never coming off)
hates being bathed
has the cutest curliest hair when it's wet
has stopped shedding her skin (i can wear black now :)
is soothed by rocking, swaddling, nursing, and bouncing
has big round eyes and
long fingers
has he sweetest dimple in her left cheek (usually can be seen when she's drunk off breast milk)

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has my heart

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