I'm full term. 38 weeks.

Baby will be here so soon. The clothes are washed, carseat ready, and the bassinet is up. I just have to pack our bags.

Can I tell you that I'm scared? I'm nervous. I'm anxious. I know that I have done this three other times and I know I am totally capable of doing it again. I just kinda don't want to - to the point where I get a little panicky and want to just keep her in. Labor is just so...so...laborious. And I'm so....tired.

Agh, I hate that I have just been so busy that labor-prep has taken a little of a backseat. I should have been prepping for this months ago.

So, starting today I have committed myself to reading birth stories, practicing breathing, relaxing, and thinking positively about birth until this little lady decides to show herself and join our family.

Your own thoughts/prayers are totally welcome - as long as they are encouraging.


Meg said...

Yes! Get ready! Reese came on her own 10 days early, ya know.

Any day now, Baby Gardiner! We can't wait to meet you and love the heck out of you!

hays--you'll be great!

Spring said...

Yay for another baby girl Gardiner! Wishing and praying that your birth experience goes well and is what you want it to be!

Scooby and Jon said...

I felt the same way with this one- but when he decided to come, I was ready and excited to meet him. Here's some positive wishes & prayers your way!

Candy said...

ok, ok! first of all, you are hands down the cutest pregnant woman in the history of ever. Seriously. jealous.

and I will send all my happy baby vibes your way! best of luck...you can do it!!

JCLS said...

You are seriously gorgeous.....so gorgeous. I am so excited to see the new little one, I love how all three of your girls look so different and can't wait to see the next! You will do awesome....I know you will!

Amanda Mock said...

You can do it Hayley!! Cant wait to see pics of your new baby girl. So excited for you guys.

Alisha said...

BEAUTIFUL! beautiful face, beautiful hair, beautiful bump. love it all.

positivity. positive. in with with good. love. love. love. baby. baby. baby.

you can do it.

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