November Faves and Craves


It's baby month at The Dirt and we will have a new little one here in a couple weeks.

Hooray! Woohoo!

For the most part with my babies I like to stick to neutral/natural elements and colors. Oh, and this group was so much fun to put together. Enjoy.

1. Aden and Anais swaddlers to put baby in that womb like sleep.

2. Fell in love with this natural wood coat/towel hanger when I saw it on Pinterest.

3. Hair accessories are a must to make her unmistakeably girly.

4. An natural one piece rubber binky. They are pricey and I bought one for MaeMae that we loved until it was lost.

5. Camera teether.

6. Best baby lotion ever.

7. Aren't these bibs the cutest? A little pricey for just one though.

8. Perfectly pink flapper hat. After seeing this one I was inspired to make her one similar that she will wear home.

9. Tiny Toms. I know. Right?


tt moreno said...

i love everything up there! have you seen the tutorial on how to make the little flat felt flowers? let me know if you want it.

Meg said...

I want a black dressy flapper hat. I think I could rock one with a peacock feather on it.

the crew said...

those are all fantastic! I can't believe your little one is almost here! So very exciting.

Jord said...

Love that sweet little stuff! The mini toms are the best. I can't believe she is coming for real. You've so got this!

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