Little Mommas


I can't imagine how long the last 6 months have seemed to the girls. We told them we would have a baby when I was around 14 weeks pregnant. We also told them to keep it a secret, which they did very well.

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I'm also sure that the day they spent waiting to see Little Rosie was as long as those six months.


I knew that Easy would be bringing them all in around 2:30pm. I guess I didn't really take into consideration what that would mean though. I suddenly heard little voices outside my room and my heart began to beat a little faster and harder in my chest. Then three little faces came around the corner (got their hands washed with E's help) and piled on the bed.


One. Two. Three...and here was Little Four about to be mauled by what probably felt like a million little hands.


The big girls kept talking about how cute she was and Roo about rubbed all that dark hair right off Rosie's head.

I looked at Easy. The room was suddenly a lot smaller. Shocked. It hit me. These are my children. Our children. Each one of them. Four kids. All of them. Holy crap - four kids!

But those shocked and inadequate feelings of having them and caring for them all were fleeting and quickly replaced by the previously mentioned Roo being a little too eager to see the baby and of course, she had to be reigned in. Then the older girls were frustrated when it wasn't their turn to adore Rosie and their eagerness quickly turned into boredom. Thank heavens for an iPhone and PBS or these little mommas would have torn that little hospital room apart!

After last cuddles and loves E took them to Steak N Shake and I took a deep breath. Lucky for me Little Rosie smells a little like heaven. I'll be breathing her lovely scent in often the next few weeks as we adjust to having a rather large family. Pray for me!



Meg said...

You were made to do this. You'll be great!

the crew said...

overwhelming? perhaps... but you are such a wonderful mom, and E a great dad- what an incredible family you have! That dear little roo hand on baby rosie's head just about kills me- so tender! Enjoy it- every minute! (probably easier said than done at times) I know the thought of four just about gives me a heart attack, but then the thought of four incredible personalities to get to know and love and learn from and enjoy- well that just makes my heart swell with gratitude and satisfaction:) one day at at time... soaking in all you can

Matthew said...

This may show up twice...

This is a favorite around these parts


Love you Sis.

Ashley K. said...

Congrats! What a beautiful bunch of girls.

Christina- floresdelsol said...

beautiful post! such darling little girls :)

nicwoo said...

That pic with all the little manicured hands on her Just Melts Me to the Floor.

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