Home with Roo


Our little Roo has decided the last few weeks since she has turned 2 to be just that.


She is a little stinker. She refuses every last thing from eating, napping, bedtime, sharing, getting her diaper changed, clear down to wearing pants. She kicks E and I out of her room and tries her darndest to push and shove her way around her sisters.

But when she wants her Mom or her Dada she can be the most cuddly loveable thing ever. You'd know this if you saw her trying to make-out with me all through church 2 weeks ago.

Ever since I have started work we have had a friend watch her during the days that I need to sleep then this fall she started going to a little preschool with MaeMae. I hated sending her there.
It tore my heart in two especially when she would look me straight in the eye and say "no school." I have always been a firm believer in being home with my little ones. It's been rough working full time and seeing their sad faces when I put my scrubs on. Being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done, but being a working mom (for me) is just brutal.

These next few weeks I have cut down my work schedule and with my planned maternity leave we no longer have to send Miss Roo...well, anywhere.

I love it.

I love spending the day with her toting her around again and being the one that she comes to with her excitement and concerns. Today just playing with her I asked if she wanted to go to school. She ran away yelling "no school" then ran back to me saying "I ont Mama!"

This little stink has me whooped.


Leslie said...

I remember when Sydney was a baby and I worked almost full time. It was so hard and so exhausting. I can't imagine doing it with three! It is definitely not for the weak. I'm glad you've had more time with your girls. I'm sure you cherish it very much. :)

Kent said...

Wonderful, what a writer, what a mom! Love you KG

Alisha said...

never go back!

Jord said...

I'm so glad you can just be with that sweet (and sassy) little girl and that she doesn't have to go to school anymore!

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