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Fall in Arkansas and 39 Weeks Along

I'm hoping this uterus of mine will decide to give baby the boot soon, but the way things are looking my body is intending on taking it's sweet little time. I'm not dilated enough to even really speak of.

Seriously though I just want my baby! Not because I'm miserable and uncomfortable (honestly I've been feeling great). I'm just ready for her!

Ready to have her snuggle on my chest and ready to inspect her tiny body. I want to smell her newness and watch her 3 sisters as they oooo and awe at her every little grimace. I can't wait for E to hold her and adore her to pieces.

I'm just ready - even thought thinking about how this will all go down gets me a little stressed.

We will have only the help of our new friends in Arkansas this time around - my mom will come in a month. I am confident that just the 5 of us can get this baby here and love her and care for her as my girls are big helpers now and well - lets just say that we have done this a few good times.

In a couple days I'm scheduled to work one more shift at the hospital (unless I'm put on-call again) then hopefully baby will decide to come just a few days later. Blondes 6th birthday is next on the calendar (the 21st!) and finally a small, simple Thanksgiving (perhaps takeout???) will finish off one very busy week.

Whew. Scheduling her birthday/arrival is looking more and more tempting everyday.


eryka said...

I can't believe you are already due! Crazy. Good luck with everything. I'm really hoping it happens tomorrow. What a cool birthday!

Meg said...

I can't wait to meet her!
Your crew is welcome to come play at the willy house anytime while you rest up!

sheena said...

I am just so excited for you guys! You have a house full of little helpers....you will do just fine:)

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