As of Late


November is over. Or, it might as well be.

What is going on?

I can't believe how fast time is flying by - it's making me crazy!


Our sweet little Rosie is two weeks old. We love her! Like, LOVE her!

Photobucket Photobucket

Our Thanksgiving was sweet and simple. We were invited to spend it with friends and I only had to worry about potatoes and veggies. It was perfect for my postpartum state.


And the tree was put up.

Remind me next year that while stringing popcorn may seem like a fantastic idea - it is actually super tedious. And all those little "helpers" that are so excited to do it will last 20min and I will be left alone to finish it with my sore fingers.

The girls were back to Kindie and Preschool today. Roo, Rosie, and I lounged around the house and I half-attempted to potty train the 2 year old. Maybe Grandma will have more success with her in a couple of weeks.

And my Christmas shopping is almost done. Yay!!!!


And just because this is my blog and I can do what I'd like with it --- here is another pic of our Little Rose Bud.

Isn't she dreamy?


Sarah Peterson said...

cute cute cute! Your new little babe is darling. I guess now I know what to look forward to when I have my next baby! 3 little mommas!

Amber Goodman said...

Your little one is absolutely adorable! (and good job on your other three as well) Her hair is AMAZING :)

JRC said...

Seriously, Hayley, I don't know how you do it. You always put me in awe of the things you are able to accomplish. Rosie is a DOLL And I LOVE her dark hair, right next to all your blondies. All your girls are ADORABLE!!

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