"She's Going to Need a Blankie, Mom."


All of my girls have blankies and bunnies.

The big girls were getting concerned about the sister-in-womb and that she didn't have a new blankie of her very own to snuggle. So a blankie was fashioned after Blondes' lovely lavender one.


We started with one yard of Mother Goose flannel, a yard of yellow minkie, and Satin Blanket Binding - all from Hobby Lobby.

The flannel and minkie were cut to match each other.


Roo acquired the scraps for play.


The layers pinned and sewn together with right-sides out.


Then the binding attached like so. Confession - getting those blasted corners right made me pronounce more than a couple of swear words.


Sewn again.


Almost before the threads were clipped it quickly disappeared into the hands of snugglers - each taking their turn.

I guess now we just need a bunny. :)


Ash said...

That blanket is so cute! You are amazing, you know how to do everything Hayley.

allison said...

i saw so adorable old-school Strawberry Shortcake (like before she got all stylish, in the 1980s) flannel that i have been coveting... i think that my Carly may need a blanket(they are called "boppies" in our house for whatever reason) like this made with it... i love the satin binding!!

Jord said...

She will love it as much as you all will love her!

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