hearting halloween.


hello october.


we have missed you! the girls in the gardiner house are so excited that you are here. we are planning halloween costumes, baking, and deciding when to take a trip to the pumpkin patch.


also, we have been creating works of art that involve witches, goblins, and jack-0-lanterns instead of the the typical princesses and butterflies.


it's a great change and one we welcome whole-heartedly.

plus we all know that this brings us closer and closer to:

1. Roo's 2nd Birthday
2. The Birth of Our New Chickie
3. Blondes 6th Birthday
4. Hay's Maternity Leave from Work
5. Thanksgiving
6. Christmas and Grandparents Coming!

1 comment:

Meg said...

we have the BEST little pumpkin patch in Noel that we go to. It's a drive (30 min+...so 45 for you) but totally worth it. Cow train, hay ride, corn maze, corn-instead-of-sand boxes, and more. It's called "right choices corn maze" and it's owned by a super christian/welcome to the bible belt kind of family and it is awesome. Seriously, the corn maze is usually cut into the shape of a cross, or a bible, or something that makes you go, "huh. only in the south..." but it's great and the kids love it.

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