Regarding Her Teeth

Last smile with her "real teeth." Aug 2011.
This is MaeMae.

She loves to giggle non-stop, smile ear-to-ear, and act all sorts of crazy.

Last January she broke her little kisser (remember that?) and we all wondered if she would be able to keep that sweet smile.

Well, it ended up after consulting the professionals that her two front teeth needed to come out. They would be replaced with a wired-in prosthetic. Easy and I were heartbroken for her, but this girl is a trooper and cooperated extremely well.

Photobucket Photobucket
Holding Momma's Hand and The View After the Trauma

The same day that they took her natural teeth out they immediately placed the fake teeth.

Showing off her fangs.

Unfortunately they had to order new ones because the new two were too small.


Yesterday the final teeth were placed. Yay! And she is smiling pretty again with not only her new teeth, but also newly fashioned self-cut bangs.

What am I going to do with this girl??


Meg said...

LOL! I love the bangs.
I shouldn't laugh...it's going to happen to me eventually. I just know it.

She's such a brave girl!

tt moreno said...

poor thing. i dont remember this happening before to her in a post. it just happened to my little girl. she lost 3 teeth and one of her front is discoloring now too she might need a prosthetic too. good thing her uncle is a dentist.

she looks darling though

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