attempt to document the fourth bump.
sept 8 2011

I'm sitting at 31weeks today. Yesterday I visited Dr. H. I really like him. We talked about my oldest because she wants to be there when this little person enters the world. I also want her to be there. He is fine with it - now E and I are trying to determine the specifics. We also talked about a little thing called an IUD.

My pregnancy has flown by and I'm feeling closer and closer to this new little lady. She may be a little feisty though. When she wakes from her sleeping episodes she bumps around in my womb like no other - it's like she can't get comfortable, or maybe she is just dancing. It's either that or she's practicing her ninja moves.

Oh, but I can't wait to smell her skin and have her ball-up on my chest like a little koala. Easy also happens to be a pro when it comes to cuddling and comforting our newborns and I just know that he can't wait either. The oldest girls want to feed her, burp her, rock her, dress her, change her, etc. And little Gigi - the ruler of our roost - is just plain going to have her world rocked.

Latest names:



tt moreno said...

ooo i love farrah, its one of my top favs. i love the baby bum too!

Pamela said...

Beautiful name choices! My vote is for Audrey (Matt and I plan to name our first girl Aubrey, so I'm partial!) You look so lovely and I can't wait to see pics of new baby once she is born!

Alisha said...

31 weeks is so close. i feel like this has flown by! you look great as usual and i think farrah is number 1 for me

Shelly Hyde said...

You look adorable. Love all the names Rosie is my fave. Hazel was almost Rosie and if we have another girl we will both have rosies! sorry we missed you while you were here

Meg said...

I thought of a name you might like: Mattisse. Like the artist...but cuter, because it's a girl.

Love that bump!
We should play soon. You know, as soon as either of us has any time...

Christen said...

I love Farrah!!!

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