Off She Goes

Today our lives changed.

All of ours did as our first little chickie made her way to Kindergarten.

She is ready. She is ready. I keep telling myself over and over. She is ready.


Her mother, however is not so ready.


But we did it anyway - even if we were a week late (school started last Monday while we were in Utah).

I walked her straight in to meet her teacher this morning where we also found her classroom and cubby. Outside in the hall the other children sat along the wall with their chosen books. Her teacher was warm and spoke right to her. I felt confident leaving her in this woman's hands.

I then abandoned her there with those wild animals in the hall - some picking their noses, a few jumping around wildly, one crying her little eyes out, and the others chatting incessantly. I kept looking back at her lost face, wondering if I should go and sit with her, but instead I pressed forward with my heart hanging behind me the whole way. This will get easier. Please tell me it will!

The other 2.5 and I did errands and tried to keep busy while she was away. Sissy drew her a picture. I imagined her eating her lunch and playing on the playground and hoped she made a friend. Gigi asked "Where Vava?"

Then at 2:55 we strolled out to the corner and waited. And finally, after what seemed like 30 minutes went by a bright yellow bus turned the corner in the distance.

And as it grew closer I saw the most beautiful little blonde head popping up from the very front seat. My heart beat a little faster as her tiny body wound down the huge steps. I thanked the driver and probably hugged and kissed her a little too much for her new big-girl status.


But come on, she did it!

We did it!

She told me she was tired and wanted to take a nap. I told her how we thought of her all day. She sat on my lap at home (that is getting to be less of one every week) and told me all the details.

My favorite was how she met a little girl on the playground. The girl told Blondes that she was "very sick." Blondes said that she should go home then and the girl simply replied, "But I have to go to school so I can learn!"


Alisha said...

oh man. good for ava. riding the bus is huge!

tt moreno said...

so cute!! yikes.. next year will be my turn

Jord said...

I totally feel for you! I'm so proud of Ava and definitely think these girls are up for more than we think they are.

nicwoo said...

I wish I could draw you a little note with hearts and flowers for you and yours. *le sigh* I will be doing this in just a year. (Your description of the rest of the wild hall is just how I imagined it would be...!)

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