Loving Arkie


I'm a believer in loving where I'm at when I'm there. Embracing it, I guess. I really do look forward to the day when we are back west , but there is so much that I do enjoy about Arkansas.


We have been frequenting about all the Farmer's Market's up and down the 540. So far I think that Fayetteville has been the favorite - with the college kids playing funny music at the corner, the potter's wheel for the kids to try, and all the canine's from the local adopt-a-pet for Roo to point out and giggle at. Not to mention the lovely flowers and fresh produce.

Photobucket Photobucket

Last weekend we also hit up the drive-through safari, which was fantastic. No big-city zoo can give you the interaction we had with these animals - for about the very same price. I could have done without the abundance of Emu's though.


And I really can't complain about my Zinnias that are a little out-of-control in their rich soil and in the humidity.


Now if I could only find a way to sleep more with my growing belly and ridiculous schedule. Arkansas would be that much better.

p.s. our friends are coming this weekend! yay!


TheKeilShpeel said...

That's a cool zoo (Safari). I think there is something very special and unique about every place we live in and it's great that you see that.

nicwoo said...

I was just thinking that-- You are certainly a graceful queen at "embracing."

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