A few days ago as I was recovering from night shift on the couch Blondes informed me she wanted a snack.

I told her to grab something healthy from the fridge.

A few minutes after gnawing on an apple she told me that her tooth was loose. I didn't really believe her but decided to check it out anyway. Sure enough the thing was loose-as-a-goose! After a little convincing she let me give little yank, but nothing.

I told her to keep wiggling it and pulling at so her dad wouldn't have to use the pliers on it. ;)

About an hour later she walks into my room with large eyes, a bloody mouth, and her hand outstretched: In it was a tissue holding the prized possession.

I was about as shocked as she, "How did you do that?" I exclaimed.

"I really didn't want Daddy to use the screwdriver so I just yanked it out!" Was her reply.

So we have lost our first tooth.

We have told her the the tooth-fairy is her Uncle Chad. That night she was nervous and told Easy that she didn't want the fairy coming into her room. He said - "Well, what if it's Uncle Chad?" She replied, "I don't want him coming in here either!"

He came anyway.

And he left a dollar.


Alisha said...

omg i can't believe how old she looks in this pic! such a pretty mature face!

lol about the uncle.

Lori said...

I wouldn't want DeathRock coming in my room late at night either. :)She looks so grown up and so pretty.

banananutmeg said...

oh that's a GREAT idea! Reese was nervous about the tooth fairy coming, too....until she saw the cash.
I think I finally felt like a "real" mom after playing tooth fairy.

Rachelle said...

$1.00?! The price is going up. :)

How does this happen though? Kids growing up and losing teeth. She is too cute.

nicwoo said...

That is how my oldest will be... She'll yank her own teeth if she knows dads coming next thankyouverymuch! What a doll.

Hays said...

Yeah. Inflation is a B.

It's also too bad that we always give the girls our spare change to put in their banks. A quarter kind means nothing to them. Whoops.

Jord said...

What!!! She is so brave to pull it out herself, but after the scary threat of the pliers I would have done the same thing. :) I can't wait to see it in person!!!

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