A few days ago as I was recovering from night shift on the couch Blondes informed me she wanted a snack.

I told her to grab something healthy from the fridge.

A few minutes after gnawing on an apple she told me that her tooth was loose. I didn't really believe her but decided to check it out anyway. Sure enough the thing was loose-as-a-goose! After a little convincing she let me give little yank, but nothing.

I told her to keep wiggling it and pulling at so her dad wouldn't have to use the pliers on it. ;)

About an hour later she walks into my room with large eyes, a bloody mouth, and her hand outstretched: In it was a tissue holding the prized possession.

I was about as shocked as she, "How did you do that?" I exclaimed.

"I really didn't want Daddy to use the screwdriver so I just yanked it out!" Was her reply.

So we have lost our first tooth.

We have told her the the tooth-fairy is her Uncle Chad. That night she was nervous and told Easy that she didn't want the fairy coming into her room. He said - "Well, what if it's Uncle Chad?" She replied, "I don't want him coming in here either!"

He came anyway.

And he left a dollar.


Truth be Told

Baby-Belly off to swim. June 24, 2011

Another little Gardiner will grace us with her presence before Thanksgiving.

Apparently we have a good thing going here.

She is the size of a heirloom tomato (so an app on my phone tells me) and is healthy as can be despite having a mother with way too much on her plate.

Top names on GM's list: Love or Heart
Blondie's List: Sydney
Easy: Still in shock over the whole thing
Hays: June, Phoebe, Ingrid, Elaine


Lately - in photos


Festivals and Farmer's Market in the Square


First Dance Performances (Sissy can't be left out :)


A girls' weekend to Oklahoma City for Time Out for Women + a visit to the bombing memorial.


New bedding. An anniversary gift.


A late-Saturday trip to the lake.


A birthday gift. Hays turns 29!!!


And finally, it's a sad day when you realize that your baby is no longer a baby.
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