Not My Anniversary.


Yesterday I got a text around 4pm from my sis-in-law Kiersten.

It said, "Happy Anniversary!"

I stared at it a good minute. What? That's so weird. It's not my anniversary.

Wait... What?

Kiersten and Matt share anniversaries with Easy and I. Oh crap! It's my anniversary!

Easy has been in Florida and we had talked 4 or five times in the day already. Not one mention was made of the big day. I immediately texted him and he called me back in seconds. We exchanged apologies, "I love you's," and laughed at ourselves. Then we added up the years. Eleven minus three = eight.

8 years ago we made promises to each other. Covenants.

Tonight we will have a cake to celebrate having our dad back and we will also celebrate the 8 best years of my life.

Love you babe!
I hope our life isn't always this nuts!


banananutmeg said...

happy anniversary!

Alisha said...

i'm afraid to say that i don't think life will be slowing down anytime soon. with all your babes and work and hometending, etc. etc. you'd better just put this date in your phone calender on repeat for each year. love you both!

nicwoo said...

C'est la vie.
Good story, Happy Anniversary, Gardiners!

Jord said...

This is a great story. One of the best.

Jake and Rachelle said...

Happy Anniversary! 8 years and you have such a beautiful family!

ps I saw your blog on Courtney's :)

sheena said...

haha you guys are awesome. happy 8!

Christen said...

That exact same thing happened to Michael and I about 4 yrs ago! I actually enjoyed the fact that we could both be apologetic and know how much we love each other regardless of our anniversary :)

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