Roonie. May 9th, 2011. Downing some yogurt after splashing out back.

I hope all you mother's whom may frequent The Dirt had a fabulous Mother's Day.

Mine was fantastic.

Easy sent me on a scavenger hunt for gifts. I could keep the gift I found or give it up for an unknown one. In the end I made out with a trip to the salon and new bedding for our bed. Score!

He also got the chickies together and in true Gardiner fashion they all made me a lovely banner.

We had an awesome breakfast and for dinner he grilled us some salmon with "rockamole" on the side and we ate fresh pineapple and brown rice.

That man knows how to treat his lady(s). And I have my work really cut out for me on Father's Day next month.

I could not help but think all day of my mother who mothered me, the mother who mothered her, Easy's mother's that have mothered him, and the mother's that my daughters will someday become. I am so grateful for these women. And I am blessed that our lives are so intertwined.


Ash said...

Glad you had a great mother's day, you deserve it! Nice work, Eric!!

TheKeilShpeel said...

Roonie is SOOO cute. Such a cute girl. Sounds like a perfect Mother's day.

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