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I think I'm developing an Arkansan accent.

One thing is for sure and that is I don't think I'll ever say fixin as in, "I'm fixin to go get lunch." But, ya'll is working for me as well as ma'am and sir. I can sense it coming real good when I'm at work...or, it seems, when I'm talking about work too.


Anyway, a few weeks ago we sold our old red couch. I loved/hated that old thing. In the end I was sad to see it shoved into the back of an old Suburban and hauled away.

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We also had a true southern treat of chowing on some crawfish a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised that I actually liked them and kept wanting more and more. As disgusting as they look they are a little addicting. I think I had cajun fingers for a few days afterward.

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The weather has been extremely unpredictable. One day we are in short sleeves, riding our bikes down the street, and the next we are taking cover during sever storm and tornado watch's. Yesterday, while parked at work, our van was pounded with grape-sized hail which dented the hood. I'll be calling the insurance company today.

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All in all we have been loving the spring here and getting to know our new surroundings. I have been busy training at my new job and E has had the pleasure of taking on a more active role in the girls' care.

Easy and Roo in Thorncrown Chapel

I'm am so grateful for days like today though where I just get to be home with my sweet girls. Doing nothing fancy, just jamming to Pandora, cleaning up what has been neglected in our busyness, and preparing for Easter tomorrow morning - sad to say that our Easter morning will come a day early.

Someone has to go to work on Sunday :(


Courtney said...

One day you will hear "fixin" roll off your tongue like you have said it all your life! It happens to me sometimes and I keep fighting against it.

I'm glad you are home today and hope you are able to relax some busy girl!

nicwoo said...

Can't wait to see what you can grow as your figure out the climate ;).

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