Come Again. Another Day.

There is a river running through my back yard. An actual river. It's been raining for days. I feel like we live in the Pacific Northwest. The roads are flooded. The sky is dark. And We are all cooped up.

It just rains. And rains. And rains.

We can't even make it to the mailbox without being completely soaked.

I do love the rain.

But this is a little excessive.

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Candy said...

from someone living in the pacific northwest...I feel your pain! I just gets old after a while!
Hang in there!

banananutmeg said...

were you in charge of building the ark? Can you come pick us up?

And now our water is contaminated! Ew!

Carly said...

It rained like crazy a few weeks ago here in V town. In one day we had almost 10 inches. It was torrential. So yeah...definitely too much rain. I hope it stops for you soon! No fun being cooped up!

Jord said...

Um, that is some crazy rain. For real. I can't believe the red couch is gone!!! What did you replace it with? I hope the weather clears up soon and the sun makes its way east ASAP.

Christen said...

Oh my goodness! We miss you here in Phoenix...and so does the SUN! I am with Jord, I can't believe the red couch is gone!! I loved that old thing.

nicwoo said...

NW says: What you need is some spongier ground.
And a library that's close. Hope all is clear!

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