Picking up the Slack


I know I'm a total slacker.
I should not leave The Dirt out of our new southern lives for a week.
It's completely irresponsible and there is absolutly no excuse.
My apologies.


We did have a fantastic weekend though.
We hit up the famous Eureka Springs with the girls and moseyed all around that little town.
We enjoyed the fresh spring air, ate a fabulous lunch at The Sanctuary Cafe (on a deck hovering 20ft over the cutest little stream), rode the trolley, visited a haunted hotel, people watched, and finally enjoyed some ice cream before the curvy-swervy ride back home.

We are soaking up all we can before my new big job starts.

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Leslie said...

Eureka Springs!! I've been there and it's so fun. Seriously such a cute little town. We went camping at the huge lake close to there. It wasn't too far from Oklahoma City. So beautiful there. Glad you're having fun!

Briana said...

Tell me how you do it all! Give me an example of a week in your home. Wife, mother, nurse, homemaker + i'm sure a few more things... you are a busy woman! Your home is lovely by the way!

ALi said...

i'm impressed you've already made it out to eureka springs. We went out there a few months ago, it's a cute little town. It is definitely a curvy-swervy ride getting there.

Christen said...

Missin' you guys...wish we all could have tagged along in your cute little back pocket :)

Christen said...

Oh...and Happy B-Day E!!!

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