Funny French Toast


This is our Roo...or Roonie...or Roonie-Toon.

She is 18 months.

She is talking more and more everyday - a little parrot of sorts. And she has the best kissing cheeks ever.

Little Roo, (all 19.14 lbs of her) has been off wheat and off cow's for almost 2 months. We are thinking it's an allergy, although the tests were inconclusive, probably due to the fact that she had been off the offending foods for weeks before testing. At age 2 we will challenge it again and see how well her system tolerates.

Until then though, being off wheat means she's off pancakes, cookies, crackers, bread, most cereal, some oatmeal's, pasta, sandwiches, tortillas, cakes, etc. This morning (above) she wasn't too happy about it...I was making her sister's french toast.

But, I did have a french toast surprise for her since the night before I found some gluten free bread at the gas station. This gas station is the Holy Grail of pit stops and basically the next best thing to a Whole Foods in NW Arkansas.


She curiously watched while nibbling at her gluten free cookie (when your mom is full of guilt about your crappy diet you get to nibble on cookies at 8am).


Then she devoured the spongy weird smelling bread that must be kept in the freezer.

It of course was drenched in Maple Syrup, but really no one was going to take this moment from her.

I, just as eagerly watched her and then naturally...I made her more.

Are you or is your family member on a similar diet? I would love some good recipes. Please share!


tt moreno said...

poor thing! we have no food allergies in our fam. i love her frazzled hair in the first pic.

Kristina said...

Hey Haley! It's Kristina from E's work...so I'm a big time blog stalker of yours, but I couldn't help and comment this time :)


She has posted a lot more on gluten free recipes lately and they look delicious....thought I'd share!

Rhonda said...

I go tomorrow for the results of my Alcat tests which could very well mean I have food allergies...I'm crossing my fingers that I don't but I'm guessing I do.

I hope Little Roo outgrows those allergies and gets back to normal eating soon....

I have a link to a really good gluten free blog...I have to find it but when I do I'll forward it to you.

Shelly Hyde said...

She is so cute. So are you. Whats up, you comin to FL? Before we move to Utah?

Allissa said...

Udi's has the best gluten free bread and muffins! It's kept in the freezer. I'm gluten free. I love gluten free girl, google her :) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Poor kid! You are a great mom. I'm sure she loved the odd bread.

I found this one:


smith scratch said...

I got your email... I suck... I will email you the recipe and more good info tomorrow.
Sorry you are going thru this, it stinks, for sure!

Rhonda said...

Me Again.....

So I got my results back and I'm allergic to Cow's milk, goat's, milk, and much much more. And I have a mild reaction to Gluten. BLAH. So Roo and I are in the same boat. SO it's my mission to find stuff to eat that doesn't taste like cardboard.

I'll share what I find...one great blog I found is www.simplygluten-free.com The food looks wonderful and she has some that are dairy, egg, and gluten free.

Hayley said...

Thanks guys! I love the ideas and support. I got a loaf of Udi's in the freezer now and am planning on making some bread of my own in the coming weeks.

Cara said...

I've discovered a wheat allergy myself and have been on a gluten-free diet for over a year. Gluten-Free Girl and her husband, Gluten-Free Chef have been super helpful in making my own things at home. There are lots of iphone apps that are allergy friendly (SparkRecipes has been my favorite.)

If you live near Gentry, there is a Natural Foods Store/gas station that is awesome! They have lots of flours in the back freezer room.

Don't give up! It's gets easier and better from here!

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