The Weekend


This weekend we went with friends to check out Monte Ne and fill our bellies with Arkansas fried chicken at The Monte Ne Inn. The old resort from the early 1900's is mostly submerged in Beaver Lake. What's left standing is covered in graffiti.

Photobucket Photobucket

It's very creep actually. The submerged buildings. The rubble. The bad art. The bad words. The litter. I am grateful Blondes doesn't read yet.


The kids didn't seem to notice too much anyway and were most interested in gathering shells from the rocky shore and chucking rocks into the lake.

I want to put this picture in my pocket.

On our drive back, I wicki-ed "Monte Ne" on my phone and gave Easy the whole history of the place while we wound around the trees back to our home.

It seems that spring has snuck up on us here in Arkie and the trees are popping with the cutest little blossoms, there are wild flowers in the fields (weeds), and everything is surely turning green before our eyes.

We are in for a very different spring then what we have been used to in the desert.

I'm most looking forward to picking berries, camping, hiking, planting a little garden, and grilling.

Not looking forward to chiggers and ticks.


Carly said...

So glad our hubbies got talk last night.

Wish we could have Gardiners in CA!

Jord said...

Fun trip! I'm glad you could get out with some friends and I may want to visit this creepy place in person.

We love you and miss you!

banananutmeg said...

I love these pics!
Adventures to come: Tanyard Creek, Bean Palace and War Eagle Mill.
A few girls here can't wait to meet you, and definitely want to play this week. Yay for spring!

banananutmeg said...

and I'm totally stealing the first picture!

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