Our Abode

I finally got around to taking pictures of our new pad.


This is where you would stay.


Where baby stays.




Where we hang (my daughters dress themselves).


Where I'm usually found.


And finally, where Easy and I crash (minus the coverlet because we took it back. i think i want light grey).

Things I love about this house:

- We can fit both cars in the garage, or will once we get a tad more organized.
- Fireplace
- Glass top range
- Real wood floors
- No rocks in the front yard!!!

Please come visit us!


Courtney said...

very cute!
I LOVE the picture above your bed!

Lori said...

I'm impressed at how quickly you can make a place your own. We're still working on it.

Kent said...

Looks like your place in Az somewhat.

Sally said...

I love it! I think I need to come stay.

Jord said...

Love it! You totally make your stuff work wherever you live and it really does look awesome. I can't wait to see it in person.

Kassi said...

Love the new house, and I love your decorating style! I need to hire you to do my house!

Red Boots said...

It looks gorgeous!

Kiersten said...

It looks lovely! We may just have to take a road trip and come see you guys.

Kari is: said...

if you don't mind sharing, what is the paint color in the first two pics? is it a gray color or a green? i've been searching for a perfect gray and haven't come across one that I love...but i'm diggin the look of this color in the pics. super cute house, by the way.

TheKeilShpeel said...

Love your style and your house is sooo clean. Please come clean mine :).

Leslie said...

Your home is beautiful! I hope you are enjoying Arkansas. :) Is it really muggy there yet??

Hayley said...

Kari, It is green and since we didn't paint it I have no idea. Sorry I am no help. Good luck!

Heather, It looked like this for all of 10 min. Trust me.

tt moreno said...

i love the guest bed. so comfy.
we have the same white spread but I wont give away where its from ;)

Ash said...

LOVE the house!!! Can't wait to come visit you guys!

tiffany k said...

Love the fireplace! So homey! Glad your all settled in....

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