On Fitting In

I still haven't found the box containing the usb cord to my camera so phone pics will have to do.

Blondes waiting for her chicken strips. 3/5/11

So far our lives in Arkie have consisted of us eating out to BBQ and Burgers, unpacking, meeting up with old friends, Hi friends! more unpacking, waking to cattle in the morning, shopping The Walmart, car hunting for Easy, unpacking, and exploring. Also, freezing.

I. am. freezing!

Oh, by the way - we found the locals. Hurray!

We went to lunch on Saturday to a crowded burger place on our way to check out the lake. When we walked in I swear every fork hit the plate and all eyes jerked to the chiming door where 5 (obviously westerners) walked through. We seated ourselves. It's like they could smell us. We totally did not belong there! Then our sweet waitress walked over, complimented our girls on their pretty blonde hair, called us "honey," and touched my shoulder. She casually asked, "What-ch-yall havin?" We were in! At that moment it seemed like everyone went back to their business talking amongst themselves and enjoying their meals. It was a close one! Maybe there is a little Arkie in us after all?

Unfortunately sickness has found it's way into our new home and the girls have been lying around running fevers. We hope to get out later this week though and see Bella Vista, check out the library, and plan spring activities - or they are going to drive me crazy!


and Ark gets 52" of average rainfall a year (that's a lot of rain!)


banananutmeg said...

hi, back!
it is freaking freezing. sorry your kids are still sick. Q ended up burning a fever yesterday, but is fine today. Weird. Hope your littles feel better! call me later

Christen said...

Sounds so fun, not the fever part, but the new adventure! Can't wait to hear more and see the house you will soon make your home. Good luck with the unpacking and car hunting :)

ALi said...

Welcome to Arkansas! Sorry about the sickness, let us know if we can do anything. Once you all get feeling better we will have to get together.

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