Lifting Spirits

Spirits have been pretty down around here. The flu has hit us hard. slowly. one man out at time. It's been pretty brutal. The good news is that MaeMae, who has had a fever for 5 days, is actually off the couch and playing. The bad news is that it's Rooney's turn.

Meanwhile, I have been going stir crazy trapped in the house with sick kids. Fortunately I have much to do with a home to get in order. Plus, I've been happily playing Words with Friends on my phone. Wanna play? Anyone?? I totally challenge you. User name: haygardin.

In efforts to raise hopes and encourage smiles the girls and I made finger puppets today. Tutorial here.


We take our coloring and creating very seriously.


And they did turn out rather cute.


We will have a mani/pedi fest later and find time to cuddle and watch a movie.

Oh, you know what I love though? I finally got to hang the old school map that has been in a closet for months. This house just came with the perfect mounting bracket already on the wall. I'm not sure that a dining room is the best place for it, but it might just work.

Tada! Spirits lifted!


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Aubrey said...

Sorry you all are sicky. Hope it leaves soon. :) You are such a good mommy.

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