An Easy Kind of Day

Last Saturday we waited and waited for the Daddy of the Dirt to come home.


The table was set. The banner hung.


Balloons were inflated.


And the cake.
Oh, that cake was tempting us with all it's chocolate-peanut-buttery-goodness.

He left us to New Orleans to watch the Cougars play in the Sweet Sixteen.
And we were all a little excited that they lost - only because it meant that he could come home to us on his birthday instead of a day later.

Photobucket Photobucket

Finally after waiting all day he walked in the door.
We opened gifts and gave him all sorts of missed-you-happy-birthday-attention.

Little Roo so would not let him out of her sight.

Then it was our turn for a gift from him...


Straight from the bayou.
Just what we always wanted.
A giant reptile head to sit on the mantle.
We are all so proud.

Happy 31st Babe!


b. said...

that has to be the most creative birthday present i've ever seen! although i think id find it a little scary! the cake looks yummy too!


Ash said...

oh that cake looks amazing!

Jord said...

I love that birthday banner! I hope he had a great day, I'm loving the alligator head, and I'm totally making that cake. You've got birthdays down.

Small & Tall said...

I can't believe it's already been a year since you were doing the 30 day countdown to his 30th!! You sure stay busy putting together sweet birthday parties! And how is the other end of that alligator resolved?

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