Coming Together

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We are busily unpacking all of our treasures here in The Natural State.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosPhotobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

And little by little this place is in fact looking like our new home. I promise to post more when our Internet is up this afternoon...so much for the self-install.

Items missing:

-A couch cushion
-My spices

Things to note:

-Cows grazing just behind our fence (reminds me of Fallon)
-Everyone calling me "Mam"
-The biggest fanciest WalMart I have ever seen
-Really good BBQ at Dink's

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Josh and Tiff Roundy said...

Hi Hayley glad you guys are getting settled in. I was wondering what city you moved to? Is it the walmart headquarters city? Just wondering cause our bishop here is moving there next month.

JCLS said...

Fun! Your house already looks great. By the way...heard John Mayer's song "Comfortable" on Pandora today....reminded me of you and that awesome cd you burned for me like 8 or 9 years ago (really has it been that long?)...I am planning on finding that cd soon to bring back some memories...aw, good times.

MA said...

Welcome to the south mam!

Lori said...

When my family moved to Idaho from NV, one of our couch cushions never made it. Who knows where it is. Hope your makes it.

Hayley said...

Hey Tiff, yes it is Rogers/Bentonville area. People relocate here like crazy!

Carly said...

Oooh...is that granite? Can't WAIT to see more pics of your house!

Alisha said...

i want to see pics of this walmart place...

and i think it's cool that you'll have to get use to the cow smell again.

banananutmeg said...

that wm is outta control huge. the guys (yes guys) at the nail place there give a good pedi.

We SO have to hit Monte Ne and get our fried chicken on! Or hit anywhere and get our fried everything on.

It's easier to get fat here than it was in Green Bay. And that's saying something. Fried cheese?

Have you gotten a "jeetyet" yet?
Translation: Did ya eat yet?
One word.
Appropriate response? "I'm fixin' to."

Shelly Hyde said...

Wow Hays. This seemed to happen so fast. And you already pictures hanging?? im impressed. Cant wait to see more pic of your grazing cows and new life.

Rachelle said...

wow! house looks great!

so glad you are there!! :)

Christen said...

Yeah, somehow I missed this one. It beginning to look like home...love it!

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