An Easy Kind of Day

Last Saturday we waited and waited for the Daddy of the Dirt to come home.


The table was set. The banner hung.


Balloons were inflated.


And the cake.
Oh, that cake was tempting us with all it's chocolate-peanut-buttery-goodness.

He left us to New Orleans to watch the Cougars play in the Sweet Sixteen.
And we were all a little excited that they lost - only because it meant that he could come home to us on his birthday instead of a day later.

Photobucket Photobucket

Finally after waiting all day he walked in the door.
We opened gifts and gave him all sorts of missed-you-happy-birthday-attention.

Little Roo so would not let him out of her sight.

Then it was our turn for a gift from him...


Straight from the bayou.
Just what we always wanted.
A giant reptile head to sit on the mantle.
We are all so proud.

Happy 31st Babe!


i am a nurse.

i know you are wondering.

so i'll tell you.

Photobucket Photobucket
me. all gussied up like a professional. pre-interview. totally nervous.

those "slacks" will only be worn once.

because i totally got the job.


ps. remind me to not wear 4" heels to an interview. i felt like a GIANT and stuck out like a sore thumb. flats would have been a better choice - had i actually had time to hem my pants up a little.


Our Abode

I finally got around to taking pictures of our new pad.


This is where you would stay.


Where baby stays.




Where we hang (my daughters dress themselves).


Where I'm usually found.


And finally, where Easy and I crash (minus the coverlet because we took it back. i think i want light grey).

Things I love about this house:

- We can fit both cars in the garage, or will once we get a tad more organized.
- Fireplace
- Glass top range
- Real wood floors
- No rocks in the front yard!!!

Please come visit us!



So, I had to buy dress pants tonight.

For a job interview.


I think I'm going to puke.

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The Weekend


This weekend we went with friends to check out Monte Ne and fill our bellies with Arkansas fried chicken at The Monte Ne Inn. The old resort from the early 1900's is mostly submerged in Beaver Lake. What's left standing is covered in graffiti.

Photobucket Photobucket

It's very creep actually. The submerged buildings. The rubble. The bad art. The bad words. The litter. I am grateful Blondes doesn't read yet.


The kids didn't seem to notice too much anyway and were most interested in gathering shells from the rocky shore and chucking rocks into the lake.

I want to put this picture in my pocket.

On our drive back, I wicki-ed "Monte Ne" on my phone and gave Easy the whole history of the place while we wound around the trees back to our home.

It seems that spring has snuck up on us here in Arkie and the trees are popping with the cutest little blossoms, there are wild flowers in the fields (weeds), and everything is surely turning green before our eyes.

We are in for a very different spring then what we have been used to in the desert.

I'm most looking forward to picking berries, camping, hiking, planting a little garden, and grilling.

Not looking forward to chiggers and ticks.


St Patty's

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The Season For





Photobucket Photobucket

Tutorial found here.

Happy Spinning!

p.s. This song is my fave today.


thinking of...



The photos of the horror and destruction found at LA Times Framework speak so loudly.
Hoping courage, strength, and prayers find the way to comfort those who have suffered such devastation.



My friend Erica is hosting a Shabby Apple giveaway on her blog this week.

Go enter!



Funny French Toast


This is our Roo...or Roonie...or Roonie-Toon.

She is 18 months.

She is talking more and more everyday - a little parrot of sorts. And she has the best kissing cheeks ever.

Little Roo, (all 19.14 lbs of her) has been off wheat and off cow's for almost 2 months. We are thinking it's an allergy, although the tests were inconclusive, probably due to the fact that she had been off the offending foods for weeks before testing. At age 2 we will challenge it again and see how well her system tolerates.

Until then though, being off wheat means she's off pancakes, cookies, crackers, bread, most cereal, some oatmeal's, pasta, sandwiches, tortillas, cakes, etc. This morning (above) she wasn't too happy about it...I was making her sister's french toast.

But, I did have a french toast surprise for her since the night before I found some gluten free bread at the gas station. This gas station is the Holy Grail of pit stops and basically the next best thing to a Whole Foods in NW Arkansas.


She curiously watched while nibbling at her gluten free cookie (when your mom is full of guilt about your crappy diet you get to nibble on cookies at 8am).


Then she devoured the spongy weird smelling bread that must be kept in the freezer.

It of course was drenched in Maple Syrup, but really no one was going to take this moment from her.

I, just as eagerly watched her and then naturally...I made her more.

Are you or is your family member on a similar diet? I would love some good recipes. Please share!


A Fancy Place

GM at dinner this evening. 3.11.11.

We took our kids to "a fancy place." The older girls oooed and awed over lit candles on the tables and cloth napkins to fold on their laps. Roo was her cute self and threw her fork and food on the floor. I had a burrito slathered in curry - It sounds totally weird but it was sooooo good and Easy ordered Korean BBQ Tacos. Weird again, but totally GOOD! The girls dined on french fries, Mexican rice, and Black Beans.

It was awesome.

Have a great weekend!


a truly random post about food, drugs, and various interpretations


I'm eating an oreo shake for lunch today. Don't judge. I'm sure you'd do it too. I'm in need of some sort of indulgence after being stuck in a house all week with sick kids in a strange town. At least that's my excuse. So, oreo shake it is....and (guilt) maybe an apple.

At least it isn't what our friend Shuemei is eating in China:

In case you can't read the small print the first one's interpretation is, "Self restraint kind of sausage" and the second is, "Chicken juice does a bean curd."

Hah hah hah hah! Makes me laugh every time!

The PA at the clinic that I took Mae to on Tuesday gave me a prescription for Tamiflu so that I won't be joining my chickies in the world of sick. So far it is working awesome, but I keep wanting to call it Teamocil.


And I've been doing my hair differently lately. Which translates to: Not doing it at all.

What you can't see here is that my roots are atrocious, but i totally don't know what to do about it. Three dye jobs in a row for the red have really damaged it. I'm thinking of just letting the color be free and see what happens. Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts.

Plus my face is crooked. Awesome.



Lifting Spirits

Spirits have been pretty down around here. The flu has hit us hard. slowly. one man out at time. It's been pretty brutal. The good news is that MaeMae, who has had a fever for 5 days, is actually off the couch and playing. The bad news is that it's Rooney's turn.

Meanwhile, I have been going stir crazy trapped in the house with sick kids. Fortunately I have much to do with a home to get in order. Plus, I've been happily playing Words with Friends on my phone. Wanna play? Anyone?? I totally challenge you. User name: haygardin.

In efforts to raise hopes and encourage smiles the girls and I made finger puppets today. Tutorial here.


We take our coloring and creating very seriously.


And they did turn out rather cute.


We will have a mani/pedi fest later and find time to cuddle and watch a movie.

Oh, you know what I love though? I finally got to hang the old school map that has been in a closet for months. This house just came with the perfect mounting bracket already on the wall. I'm not sure that a dining room is the best place for it, but it might just work.

Tada! Spirits lifted!



Sucky Sickness

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On Fitting In

I still haven't found the box containing the usb cord to my camera so phone pics will have to do.

Blondes waiting for her chicken strips. 3/5/11

So far our lives in Arkie have consisted of us eating out to BBQ and Burgers, unpacking, meeting up with old friends, Hi friends! more unpacking, waking to cattle in the morning, shopping The Walmart, car hunting for Easy, unpacking, and exploring. Also, freezing.

I. am. freezing!

Oh, by the way - we found the locals. Hurray!

We went to lunch on Saturday to a crowded burger place on our way to check out the lake. When we walked in I swear every fork hit the plate and all eyes jerked to the chiming door where 5 (obviously westerners) walked through. We seated ourselves. It's like they could smell us. We totally did not belong there! Then our sweet waitress walked over, complimented our girls on their pretty blonde hair, called us "honey," and touched my shoulder. She casually asked, "What-ch-yall havin?" We were in! At that moment it seemed like everyone went back to their business talking amongst themselves and enjoying their meals. It was a close one! Maybe there is a little Arkie in us after all?

Unfortunately sickness has found it's way into our new home and the girls have been lying around running fevers. We hope to get out later this week though and see Bella Vista, check out the library, and plan spring activities - or they are going to drive me crazy!


and Ark gets 52" of average rainfall a year (that's a lot of rain!)


Coming Together

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

We are busily unpacking all of our treasures here in The Natural State.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosPhotobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

And little by little this place is in fact looking like our new home. I promise to post more when our Internet is up this afternoon...so much for the self-install.

Items missing:

-A couch cushion
-My spices

Things to note:

-Cows grazing just behind our fence (reminds me of Fallon)
-Everyone calling me "Mam"
-The biggest fanciest WalMart I have ever seen
-Really good BBQ at Dink's

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