The Poo of Roo

Yes. This post is about Poo. Sorry.

[Roo sink-bathing. A common occurrence around here.]

For the past month we have been troubleshooting the poo of our Roo. To keep it somewhat clean I'll just say that this baby goes through a lot of diapers. I mean a lot.

When she was just a wee little thing, you remember, I started cloth diapering her. It was awesome and I loved it. Around six months she started on solids and at seven months she started teething and I was up to my ears in dirty diapers and super stressed over nursing school. So I decided to simplify and I took a break from the cloth to just get me through the teething.

A month ago a friend of mine inquired about cloth diapers. Sadly, I admitted that I hadn't used them in a while. I wondered why I hadn't used them and then went back to it for a couple of days, but quickly remembered that my Roo's poo is nothing to take lightly. I busted the disposables back out.


It made me think though...

Since solids and teething, had Roo ever had just one dirty diaper a day?
No. Had she ever had a nice formed stool? No. It was always often - 6ish a day, everywhere, and awful. Not normal. Not right.

I decided that day to take charge of Roo's poo.

We started with cow's milk since it seems to be a common culprit and easy to substitute as we already drink a lot of soy. She showed little improvement.

Next was wheat. Wheat and gluten. This is a different story and has taken some adjusting to, but it has looked somewhat promising thus far with only 2 or so somewhat normal diapers a day.


I'm taking her to our lovely pediatrician next week. I'm curious to see what she thinks and am looking for more insight. I'm also interested in her weight. I'm thinking that our Roo probably does have a gluten/wheat sensitivity/intolerance and am looking forward to getting to the bottom of it.

I do understand thought, that unfortunately, this is probably just the beginning....


banananutmeg said...

for your sake, and hers, I hope it isn't a gluten thing...or at least a permanant gluten thing.
But it would be really nice to know the cause so quickly!

You're a good mom.
and she's a dang cute baby.

Carly said...

She might actually be allergic to soy as well. Maybe try almond milk? The benefits of soy products are kind of up in the air, as in they might not be all that great for most people.

Anyway I hope you figure it out. Poor little girl.

Small Threads Clothing said...
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smith scratch said...

You probably know, but you should keep her on gluten until you test for Celiac, the results are not accurate if the person is not eating gluten. Also, the Almond milk is a great substitute! Not to be preachy, but have you researched the negative effects of soy? 91% is genetically modified. Eek! Anyway, good luck with this. Let me know if you have any questions, as we have been down a similar path.

Rachelle said...

poor roo. hopefully some answers will come from her pediatrician and your taking charge.

on another note, she's darling.

Hayley said...

Thanks for the suggestions and advice.

I'm pretty sure that she isn't allergic to soy since we didn't really give it to her until she was around 10-11 months and she has had this problem since I started solids.

I bought some Almond Milk today and she downed it!

KristinCanRead said...

Hey Hayley, I've been having the same issues with Maddie. I started giving her more fiber and that helped our issues. I have been feeding her this Greed Goodness juice, which is loaded with veggies.

We did Lactaid for a year and that helped but then it got worse again. We went back to regular milk, and anything that was low fat set us back.

I thought have gluten allergies, but our doctor ruled that out quickly. I was told if it were some sort of intolerance she'd have blood in her stool at some point.

Anyways, adding fiber to the diet actually seemed to help and cutting out raisins.

I'd love to know if you actually figured out what was wrong. I've been dealing with this for awhile now too with Maddie.

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