February Faves and Craves


1. How cute is this bag? Too bad the only thing I really need less of are big huge bags.

2. Sprinkles recipe found on Martha. I'm wondering how close it is to the real thing. I've been craving a nice big rich Sprinkles cupcake. I'm thinking a treat is in store before we leave for AR.

3. Cute red shoes.

4. We are totally going handmade with our valentines this year.

5. Check out this clock.

6. I love this idea of having your own love story printed. It's simple and charming.

7. More cute red shoes.

8. Teal heart cabochons earrings.

9. If I weren't bent on making our own valentines I'd go for these.


Leslie said...

We went to Sprinkles awhile back. None of the people I was with were impressed. The frosting didn't taste homemade or something. That bag is so cute though. I want!

nicwoo said...

The combo of the dress shoe, teal cabochon earrings, and ephemera screams approaching spring to me...! Great :)

BC said...

Dropping in to say hello and a big thank you for featuring my Love Story Print in your February Faves & Craves! I'm honored to be included in such a fun little collection of lovely things from around the web.

Your blog is gorgeous, and your photography is fantastic! I too share a love of documenting my life with photographs of our everyday candid moments.

Best wishes to you and your upcoming move!


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