Every Last Drop

snoozing roo. 2.7.11

We are trying to squeeze in everything here during our last weeks residing in The Grand Canyon State.

Sunday I took my chickies and the dog to Las Vegas. We met up with my parents, gave them back the dog, and enjoyed about 15 hours in their company before heading home. Gigi had a rough night there so she slept the whole way back. We made it home 4.5 hours. No stopping. It was rad. My parents are also rad and I will miss seeing them so often.

Yesterday our friend Catherine arrived and we have been enjoying her company. We have caught up, baked cupcakes, and heard news about Arkansas and the 2 feet of snow that was just dumped on them. Crap. We are going to die. Catherine is moving to Beijing in less than a month (only a little more exotic than Arkansas) I'm going to have her send me pics to post on The Dirt.

Last night Blondes and Mae spent the night over at their best friends' house and relished in an all-girl-slumber-party-frenzy. We will miss those friends. They have been the best.


Easy spent the Monday through Weds night in San Antonio Texas for work. They went to a rodeo then watched Reba perform. I couldn't help but laugh at his text messages dripping in silent torture of a California boy surrounded in everything Texas and Country.

I'm off to San Diego soon. Can't wait, but miss my little family already.

p.s. This song is very cute. Especially for Feb.


Christen said...

Have fun in San Diego...wish I could have gone with! Missin' you guys already.

Cathy said...

I just found your blog today whilst clicking around randomly. It's quite delightful.

Kandice said...

Oh I love Bright Eyes and that song. That video always makes me tear up. Hope you have fun in San Diego!!

Amber said...

hey there honey...my little ru has that same bunny of your roo's! It's her favorite thing in the whole world. I love that they have the same bunny, athough my ruby has nearly rubbed that little pink nose off hers. i miss you.

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