Speaking of...

This morning as I was driving Blondes to preschool I hit a pigeon in the middle of my lane. As I was approaching it I thought to myself - stupid bird better move or I'm going to hit it.

Then bam!

Just like that feathers went flying everywhere. I felt bad for a second then remembered the pigeons that kife my chickens grain all the time and I honestly felt a little justified.

Speaking of my chickens...

They aren't going to make it around here much longer.


We adopted a Mini Schanuzer over Christmas and the chickens are obviously on his hit-list. He was my mom's but she didn't have the time/energy right now for him and little Roo happened to make him her best friend during our visit. The next thing we knew, Christmas was over and we were traveling to California with a new dog in tow, crouched right next to Roo licking her toes the whole trip.

Speaking of Christmas...

It was magical and fantastic.


My girls were in absolute heaven playing with all their cousins and seeing their grandparents. If my dad's arms were empty you would find my little Roo in them shortly after. My mom hand painted the cutest little cradles and beds for the girls and accessorized them with handmade blankets and little babies.


She is a crafty one that mom of mine.


On Christmas Eve she handed out costumes for all the kids to participate in the nativity play. Blondes was an angel, Mae a lamb, and Roo a little stable mouse. The nativity ended up a little chaotic and at times I admit, a tiny irreverent, but we loved just being together and seeing our kids light up with excitement.

Ez the Wise. Dec 2010.

It was bliss being with 4 of my 6 brothers and their families for the holiday plus a sister and her family that have been adopted in.


We enjoyed reminiscing, teasing, eating, and eventually the brothers all endured digging up the ancient septic tank with my dad. Apparently the old house couldn't handle all 19 of us that were staying there for the week. After 2 days of digging, replacing parts, using the bathroom at my brother's house down the street, and army crawling under the house, they finally got it back up and running just in time for everyone's departure and making it a Christmas we will all never forget.


Christen said...

I can't believe you adopted a dog! You know what that means...no moving for you. You must stay here and make Phoenix your official home for good. Your 3 girls, 2 chickens, bird and now dog. I think deep down they all want to stay and so do you. Move back to Thunderbird Ward of course...we miss YOU and all your little blondies!

Alisha said...

that cracks me up about the septic. sick.
also, i guess being done with school has left a hole in your schedule...thus, the dog. you're nuts. fyi, you don't get any eggs from a dog.
also, are those american girl dolls? i considered getting those my girls also but decided to wait a few more years until they can be taken care of well. if not they look so similar and would love to know where santa found them.

hays said...

Ali - They are the knock-off versions available at Target. $30ish a piece. They come with 2 outfits, a book, and accessories. I couldn't justify getting the real thing just yet. They are pretty hard on dolls and don't even know the difference. Maybe when they are older and can help save for one I'll be more apt to pitch in. :)

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

I just have to day that that's an amazing photo of the dog. Your blog is awesome!

Annie Jane said...

Oh my gosh!I never realized that Ava looks like an american doll! The likeness is actually quite striking! People told me that my Sophie looked like a cewpie doll for the first three years of her life. So I have a cewpie doll and you have an american doll! Just kinda fun.

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