One Last Egg.


10 days ago we gave our 2 hens a new home.

Can you believe that I really thought about butchering them. Myself? Wouldn't that have been nuts? I even did my research.

*Note: Do not click on link and read unless you have interest in viewing the slaughter of a chicken. If you don't mind then, please be my guest - I find it rather interesting in a disgusting sort-of way. Remember? I'm from Fallon.

Ahem. Anyway, their new pad is huge with fabulous roaming room, grass, shade trees, and 2 other ladies just like themselves.

Back to ten days ago, the dog (that I'm trying to like, but gosh, it really isn't working) after dozens of previous other murder attempts got one of the birds around the neck and I said enough is enough. Plus, we maybe, might-be, possibly-be, could be moving in a few months. Shhh! So, they needed a new home regardless.

A few days after they were gone I had a thought to do one last check for an egg, but quickly disregarded it because neither hen had laid in weeks. Why would there be one now? After the thought occurred a second time I went to have a look in their boxes.

Lo and behold, there it was. One last egg - the perfect parting gift.

Thanks girls.


**Note : I will gladly raise chicks again. I am a little heartbroken about giving up them up even though I cursed them on various occasions, threatened to hit them over the head with a bat for eating my garden, and even maybe let the dog chase after them a little because...well...it was pretty freaking hilarious and I'm studying for my boards so I get what I can...


banananutmeg said...

If you ever visit, I'll beg you to teach me how to raise chickens. Be prepared.

Not From Fallon,

Leslie said...

I am sad about your chickens too but understand. There's a reason I do not have them myself! I have two dogs that I want to strangle all of the time yet I still love them so much. Weird huh?

Ashley K. said...

You are a Hyde. I can totally see you butchering your own Chickens. :)

sheena said...

WOW. there are even photos!!! Favorite parts from that post:

Now stick your hand inside. I'm serious now. Hop on in.
And pull all the gooey goodness out.

thank you for tuning me in to this blog (I think?)

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