January Faves and Craves


I wasn't going to do a Faves and Craves this month.

With my new budget and commitment to saving money in 2011 I didn't want to torture myself with online window-shopping. So, I thought of sharing all the thrifty things that I am doing and maybe just a couple of items that I've spotted and really love (i.e. #'s 4 and 10) so here goes:

1. Saw this tutorial on Made for up-cycling men's worn out button up shirts. I'm determined to have Easy go through the closet and get me a couple of button-up shirts we wouldn't mind seeing on the girls.

2. I also found this tutorial for a knitted cowl scarf that I just love. After the cable-knit scarf I did over the holidays my confidence might be up enough to give this baby a try.

3. I've been searching for a (somewhat creepy) vintage cookie jar to adorn our counter top and store our goodies. I love this one and am hoping to score one similar at a thrift store for a tiny fraction of this price. Eeek!

4. The shoes are perfect for spring.

5. We love taking the girls to the zoo, museums, and the botanical garden, but man it's so pricey. The Phoenix culture pass allows us to visit for a fraction of the cost (sometimes even free)! Check it out.

6. Biggest crave of the month: Passing NCLEX and getting my nursing license!

7. The other night we got together with friends and had fondue with the kids. It was a major hit. My friend Jordan made the best cheese. I think that this was the recipe. It made for a cheap and fun activity with friends.

8. I need a new juicer. Easy killed ours off after juicing oranges from our tree. Actually, I just need to stop being a boob and juice them by hand.

9. I'm going to start reading Blondes the Magic Tree House series. I really think that I'm more excited than she is about the chapter book phase. Do you have any others you'd recommend to us?

10. Verizon iPhone: T minus 10 days.


sheena said...

hahaha that cookie jar is AWESOME!! I've been searching for a black mammy jar for years and they are SOOOO expensive!!! why?

Jonah LOVES the magic tree house books--they are so cute.

Jord said...

Love the favs and craves. This is one of my favorite spots on your blog and think it has to continue. Nice internet digging for the cheese recipe too...you got it spot on.

Christen said...

Dade loves the magic tree house series!

Thanks for the cheese recipe! Michael loved it (I did too) but he is so much harder to please than me:)

Rhonda said...

My son is reading the Magic Tree House series and he LOVES them. He reads them non-stop. I'll ask him some of his favorites!

all boy stuff said...

ok. i'm a bit behind. bummer to hear you've moved.was just thinking of a game night this weekend!
caleb loved magic tree house & junie b. jones right around that same time.
take care & best of luck!

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