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In a few weeks a couple of girlfriends and I are headed to San Diego for some much needed R&R.

We have a few ideas for things to do and places to eat, but I was wondering if you had any ideas for us?

So far we have plans to eat, hit the spa, ride bikes along the boardwalk, shop, eat, sleep-in, read, go to a movie, and did I say eat???

We are staying in the Gaslamp district and aren't really looking to visit the Zoo/Sea World - this is more-so just a trip to relax and enjoy ourselves kid and responsibility free. Ahhh!

Also, any advice on where to get some great Mexican food would be very much appreciated!

Thanks friends!


JCL said...

Ooo! One of my favorite places ever...so jealous. You should definitely visit Seaport Village, that is downtown and there are some cool shops....Coronado Island is pretty cool too. I have some family from there and best friends from there...I will check and see where some good mexican food can be found!

Meghann said...

Meghann here. Not sure if you remember me from up in Anthem but I totally enjoy your blog. Anyway, we love San Diego and so I have some food suggestions. One place we love to go for breakfast is called The Mission. It's on Mission Blvd. And last time we were there we found the greatest place to get fresh seafood. It's called Point Loma Seafood. I think I had the the crab sandwich which was YUM. I also went back for some ceviche which was to die for and I've been craving it ever since. Sorry, no Mexican food suggestions. We've tried a few but nothing we've loved.

hays said...

Coronado Island. Check!

And Meghann we have been looking for a good seafood place so thank you for the suggestion! Yum!

Kandice said...

Jealous!! The Mr. and I went there for our honeymoon and we spent 4 days alone at Sea World. Anyway, visit www.kevinandamanda.com, they were just there and she has some great reviews and ideas for places to go. Go to Old San Diego for the mexican food. Coronado Island was beautiful! Also, they had a haunted tour when we were there 7 years ago around Old San Diego that was really fun. I hope you enjoy your trip...you deserve it! Good luck on the NCLEX!

{Erica} said...

ride bikes on coronado. Gaslamp district has amazing shopping and eating. Walk around the gaslamp district and check out the shops then read a menu or two and decide which place to eat. We ate at this place across from Urban outfitters and it was yummy. They have a live band upstairs and downstairs and dancing after 10. Balboa park is amazing and beautiful. I was dying with all the photo op's there and the street vendors and performers were cool to watch.

Ash said...

You already know what i would do..... BEACH!

have fun! :)

Sassy Christian Momma said...

as a former resident i would suggest you hit up old town for authentic mexican fare- enjoy the cool shops around there too and it's best in the evening. Then stroll over to the mission park ( same area, tiny drive) and sit on the walls of the old mission and watch the fireworks go off at Sea World. So secluded and such a view.
Also, Balboa is great too- beware of some sketchy vagrants from time to time. You can always give me holler too! Enjoy your trip. Bummed it's you and not me:(

hays said...

All such great ideas - I wish could take you all with me!

Thank you! Thank you!

Rachelle said...

Hash House A Go Go is a must for chicken and waffles! Trust me - it's gooood. They have crazy hours so check out their site or call for hours. Hit up the Gaslamp district too, I think others already mentioned that. Have fun!

Kari Lyn Handley said...

OOOHHH, yes! I love the Mission Beach Cafe. It is soo yummy and fun with great service.
Try the banana pancakes or the pesto quesadilla or anything really! Have fun!

Karen and Joe said...

so fun, and so jealous! Love san diego!! highly recommended everything, but this http://www.trolleytours.com/san-diego/ is pretty fun. It will take you to all the major highlights, you can get off eat yummy food, get back on, go to another destination and hear all about the history in a fun entertaining way.
You are bound to have a good time no matter what you do!

eric and monica said...

Shelly got married in San Diego and we pretty much spent the whole week there eating Mexican food. She had her graduation party at Miguel's Cocina in Coronado... beautiful setting, especially at night. If you're looking to go more quick and dirty, try Taco Fiesta, a fave of Shelly's. We had her bridal shower outside at Balboa Park and it was gorgeous. Have lotsa fun... wish I was going with ya! Guess I'll have to join the nursing club :)

Tina B said...

Hi there, I live in San Diego and you really should check out this kitschy and yummy taco shop (http://www.tacosmackdown.com/). Call ahead a reserve their one and only sparkly gold booth that they have that also comes with your own personal waiter service! It's super fun and only about a ten minute drive from the Gaslamp.

I found your blog by accident when searching for some gardening related question on the web and I love reading it! Your enthusiasm for your girls, husband, projects and nursing career are very inspiring! Enjoy your trip to San Diego:)

Drink Act Arizona said...
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