Final Push


Monday is the 31st.

Remember what that means?


Nursing Boards.


Things have started to get a little hazy in my head. I feel doped up and wasted on prioritization, meds, symptoms, risk factors, and precautions. I'm dreaming in nursing scenarios and lab values crawl into and out of my brain during odd moments like when I'm feeding my daughter some cut up chicken.

It's like those Bing commercials.

Chicken: High in Protein. Protein normal value 6.0-8.0. Low in fat. Sat fat is bad. Cholesterol. LDL = bad. HDL = good. Cholesterol levels need to be less than 200. HTN = Systolic > 140 & Diastolic > 100. Wait, is that right?...I need to look that up again. HTN in pregnancy is bad can lead to preeclampsia. Preeclampsia = proteinuria - can administer IV Mag Sulf in preterm labor. Assess DTR's. In overdose antidote is Calcium Gluconate...

And it goes on and on and on. Seriously we just went from chicken to overdosing on Mag in less than a minute.

Focus Hayley!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck on the test, you'll do great!
Nursing is in your blood. Grandma Hyde is a nurse? Right?

The Hamiltons said...

I dont know you...I somehow ran across your blog long ago..my name is Hayley too, and I am getting ready to go to nursing school and this blog just made me laugh because that is exactly how I am feeling preparing for my entrance tests..its nice to know I am not alone. You write a great blog!

tt moreno said...

woof. that sounds intense!

the crew said...

Good luck! I really admire you :)

sheena said...


Good luck today!!

sheena said...

ps LOOOOOVE the header.

a-hyde said...

good luck! i'm sure you'll do great.

Christen said...

I hope today went well :)

Shaunna Harrington said...

I saw someone passed their boards... Congratulations!!!!! :)

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