A Broken Kisser.


It was supposed to be a typical Thursday.

But my MaeMae had other plans.

We were supposed to pick up her big sister, eat lunch in the park with friends, and spend the rest of the afternoon in the backyard sliding, swinging, laughing, and eating fresh citrus off the tree. Okay, maybe not, but still... I imagine we would have be enjoying the afternoon at home in some way with this amazing climate.

(how we were supposed to look??)

But instead while pretending the curb was a balance beam she slipped and smacked her sweet little mouth on the corner of the cement cutting her teeth through her lip and knocking them out of place. With blood all over my hands, her shirt, and Blondes' sweater, we drove to the nearest ER to get her stitched up, then straight to the dentist to have those teeth looked at.


Yes, it happened that these were the same teeth that were knocked out of place in a similar fashion just 13 months ago. Ugh!

Easy showed up shortly (very concerned) and after waiting (for what seemed like an eternity watching awful Cartoon Network) she was finally seen, stitched (4) and released.


*A very special shout-out to my dear friend Jordan for taking Roo and picking up Blondes, feeding them, and caring for them just as I would. Thank you!

*More thanks to Gary at Jamba Juice for perking up my sweet girls spirits and making her smoothie thin enough for her to use the straw.

*Lastly, please pray that my girl will not have to have her tooth pulled out in a month when the dentist reevaluates her. I don't know that this momma could quite handle that.

It's amazing how such a minor unforeseen event in a child can exhaust a mother. And how weird it is to be on the patient end of care after being behind the nurses station for the past 2 years. I felt helpless and frustrated. I wanted my daughter to receive the best care, but also found myself relating to the hospital staff.

All in all I think today made me a better mom and a better nurse. A better mom because I felt the need to protect and nurture my hurt baby, but then I realized I couldn't and I handed her over to someone who could. It was humbling and heartbreaking. A better nurse because I can now better relate - I know that a cut on the lip doesn't compare to patients receiving chemo, a child who has had a major head injury, or an older adult having excruciating chest pain, but I felt some of that pain and frustration today with my bloody little girl in the ER.

I made a commitment to myself this afternoon that when I'm a proud old nurse that is overworked and underpaid I can grab a hold of what happened today and remember what it felt to be on the other side. Because hopefully I will still care to listen, care to be thorough, and care to be present...


the crew said...

Did we ever tell you about Lulu's 4 stitches she got over Christmas break from bowling? I know bowling. Even the Dr. said that among the many sutures sewn she'd never tied a bowling accident before. I hope you had something better than a napkin from the bowling ally with which to apply pressure...

Sally said...

Oh NO! That pic of her sitting on the hospital bed is the saddest! She looks so sad!!!! My heart is broken for her.

Spring said...

Poor sweet Mae Mae! I'm really hoping along with you that she gets to keep her little tooth! And poor mommy - it is hard to be on the other side of it! I remember when Brynn used to cry so hard she'd pass out. The dr. assured us it's normal with so much sympathy. He said that he used to say that wondering why these silly mommy's were freaking out so much until a kid cried 'till he passed out in his office. It made him much more sympathetic as a doctor!

JCL said...

Sad day! She is still so beautiful though....and I am terrified about having to go to the ER with one of my kids...at least you know kind of what to do!

hays said...

Oh My! The lip is huge this morning! I thought the swelling maxed out last night, but this morning it looks ten times worse.

Poor girl!

I hate that she feels so crappy!

Christen said...

Ohh, poor thing...I want to give her a hug and kiss. I will pray for her and her cute little teeth. She will be better before you know it :)

Jeffrey said...

i loved your reflections and thoughts at the end of the post.
so sorry mae bite through her lip. keep ice on that thing and motrin in her.

sheena said...


Amanda Mock said...

Aww poor Greta! And poor mommy too. Hope she heals quickly.

Jord said...

What a trauma for a sweet girl and her mama. You managed it all like a pro.

nicwoo said...

Perfecto on the sentiments. I'm not in a nursing career, but I get both sides of the coin now. I'm so sorry. Hope she is good as new :) So very sorry that the cherry on top to the whole thing was CN. Nauseating.

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